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 What I don't do


I am well aware of the limits of my professional activities and take them seriously.

I do not work within the health care system, I do not give diagnoses and do not offer classic clinical psychotherapy, as it is for instance required for anxiety and panic or compulsive disorders, phobias, depression, traumatization, and other issues with disease character. I will be happy to provide you with information on an individual and neutral basis with regard to psychotherapeutic procedures and assist you in finding a suitable professional offer.

In case you are currently in search of a psychotherapist, I recommend the pages of Psychotherapeutenkammer NRW and the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung. Here, you can be assured to find professionally trained psychotherapists according to region, procedure and payment procedure (public health insurance vs. private / direct payers). Sessions are, however, likely to be held in German.

Some professional labels like "Psychologe/in" and "Psychotherapeut/in" are legally protected, others like "psychological counsellor", "coach" or "life counsellor" may freely be used by anyone. Also, a "Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie", does not necessarily have any degree or further training (in contrast to a full "psychologischer / ärztlicher Psychotherapeut"), levels of qualification vary a lot here. In your own interest, please consider the professional background of the persons you contact for support.